Wedding Songs

Your Wedding Day Can Last A Lifetime In Song

If it’s your day, shouldn’t it be your song? You can easily create a song from your vows, love letters, poems or the memories leading up to your special day. Your song will be produced in a way to ensure it can be played at your ceremony or by your DJ at the reception. You can even request sheet music so you can have your song performed live by a band or an instrumental version that can be accompanied by your choice of vocalist. It is also a distinctive way to celebrate a second wedding or vow renewal.

“I loved the finished song! The intro was good ...the sound of the heavy track then the smooth rhythm as the train gets underway. The love at first sight, the first verse and chorus nice and smooth. The second and third verse come together picking up speed, emotions running high as we head into the bridge, the outgoing chorus providing the happy ending. Wow! Brilliant. A beautiful story set to music! You delivered a first class product on time as promised. Your service will appeal to countless people like myself who have a dream. I hope to keep using your services as I can afford it, keep saving”

-- Maurice F. --
Newcastle County Down, Northern Ireland
Author: Where We Both Belong

Are you looking for a gift that is truly one of a kind?

When your custom song for the Father/Daughter dance plays there won’t be a dry eye in the room. What better way to express your love than through this heartfelt gift? The direction you give our composers will capture your exact emotion and help make this a memorable moment you can relive over and over again with family and friends.Are you looking for a gift that is truly one of a kind?

Do you have a great story about the bride and groom? How they met, fell in love or other tale from their history? When you create a custom one of a kind song you will set the wedding apart from a traditional toast or registry gift and it’ll be something that never goes out of style.