Song Samples & Testimonials



Title: Live Inspired

Genre: Rock, Pop
Voice: Male
Emotions: Happy, Proud, Serious, Harmonious, Melodic, Cheerful, Bright, Energetic
Instrument(s): Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Synth, Acoustic Guitar

Really great! The song sounds great. Thank you for writing the song and putting my words to music! It's amazing that a company can take someone's words and make them sound like a real song!...more...

Title: Phoenixville Blues Fest

Genre: Blues
Voice: Male
Emotions: Soulful, Rockin, Upbeat, Melodic
Instrument(s): Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums

The song is great!! People need to know about your business! Your process of having a song composed is easy, quick, and it's fun!...more...

Title: Sweet Country Girls

Genre: Rock, Modern Country
Voice: Male
Emotions: Funny, Upbeat, Bright, Fast
Instrument(s): Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums

Thank you! Good work on a cute song and great guitar work! ...more...

Title: Heaven

Genre: Rap / Hip Hop
Voice: Male
Emotions: Serious
Instrument(s): Drums, Bass, Piano, Synth sounds

I really love the song! It's perfect. I think that all of Brian's poems should be hip hop/rap...more...

Title: Leads Us to Love

Genre: Love, Acoustic Guitar
Voice: Female
Emotions: Soft, Romantic, Light, Cheerful, Bright, Happy, Serious
Instrument(s): Acoustic Guitar, Shakers

I found Songmaker online, and started looking over their site. I found their advice on writing the song myself! I followed their advice step by works! Before I knew it I had written the message I wanted to convey! I sent my words to them. David contacted me and explained the rest of the process to me and before I knew it, I had an amazing song to give my boyfriend! ...more...

Title: Better Late Than Never

Genre: Soft Rock, Love
Voice: Duet - Male/Female
Emotions: Soft, Peaceful, Harmonious, Graceful, Romantic
Instrument(s): Piano, Drums, Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Bass,

Hi, David. I absolutely love the vocals! I couldn't have picked better myself. Overall, I love the sample....more...

Title: In the Waiting

Genre: Rock
Voice: Male
Emotions: Proud, Serious, Harmonious, Melodic
Instrument(s): Rhodes Piano, Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums

I'm starting to slowly get positive feedback from siblings, nieces and nephews. At 89, my artistic mother loves the songs. Thank you so much. I know it's only the ten day preview, but I can see it already as the best song yet. It's exactly as we discussed!! Always grateful. ...more...

Title: Beshert

Genre: Rock, Soft Rock, Love
Voice: Female
Emotions: Romantic, Happy, Harmonious, Soulful, Slow
Instrument(s): Electric Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Acoustic Guitar

(10 day sample) Great! So excited! Can’t wait to hear the whole song. My son and I both have tears in our eyes listening to the clip! ...more...

Title: From Your Soldier

Genre: Rock, Modern Country
Voice: Male
Emotions: Bright, Harmonious, Melodic, Proud, Patriotic, Serious
Instrument(s): Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass, Synths

My son wrote me this before going off to boot camp. We wanted to send it in as a surprise, without him knowing we were doing it...more...

Title: Body Mind & Soul

Genre: Rock, Funk
Voice: Male
Emotions: Upbeat, serious, fun, happy, serious, romantic, soulful, powerful, energetic
Instrument(s): Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Bongos, synthesizer

Awesome job guys... let the composer know he went above and beyond on this one. ...more...