Free Song Review

Do you have a poem, vows, love letter or other writings that you would like to turn into a song? Or, have you started the process but are not sure if it is ready to be put to music? Let one of our producers review your work FREE OF CHARGE and provide you with feedback on how to take it to the next level. Simply send your words to us, we will review them and send you back suggestions that you can easily incorporate into what you have already done.

Why do we offer this? Most people think that writing a quality song can be incredibly hard and shy away from the process. Maybe they are not musicians, can’t sing, have never done it before or think it will come out sounding terrible. We recognize that not everyone is a professional songwriter, but believe that everyone can write a song. Let us help you make it easier by providing you with honest, professional, feedback of your work - at no cost. You can do it!

Simply paste your song idea or song lyrics below to get started.

Please note: While this service is completely free we are only able to offer this service to those that are 18 years old or older.

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