Song Catalog

Shall We Kiss?

Genre: Acoustic Rock, Folk
Voice: Female, Raspy Voice
Emotions: Happy, Romantic, Peaceful, Loving, Light, Joyful, Tearful, Proud
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Shakers

The Song's Story

Two people were dancing at a music festival and caught each other’s eye.  This song was written by the woman to reflect upon that moment and how this new love is so much more than the love she has experienced in the past.  She knows that when it feels right it feels like “home”.


“Thank you for the email....and your kind words about my lyrics.
I really like the has a really lovely, light, happy, feel to it, which was really important to me. I also really like the singer's voice, which is great as this was one thing I was a little concerned about, as it's obviously a very personal poem to me, and liking a person's voice or not is such a subjective thing.
I needn't have worried, though, as she sounds wonderful!
“Thanks again!”

-- Ziggy P.
Oxford, Oxfordshire - United Kingdom


I have been lost before,
but then I roam with you
hand in hand

And I find myself
oh, and I have been lonely

Now even when apart
I feel you right by me
And I hope you feel me too

From that moment
At the top of a hill
When you said "shall we kiss?"
And our lips touched
And I knew I was home

And I have been happy
But never felt like this
So fulfilled in your arms
So secure in your love

And of course I have loved
But it wasn't like this
Wanting so very much
For you to feel you're home

From that moment
At the top of a hill
You said "shall we kiss?"
And our souls touched
And I knew I was home

Through every song we share
And every midnight talk
Knowing I have come home
Hoping you have come home

From that moment
When you said "shall We kiss?"
When I knew I was home
When I hoped you were home