Song Catalog

In the Waiting

Genre: Rock
Voice: Male
Emotions: Proud, Serious, Harmonious, Melodic
Instruments: Rhodes Piano, Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums
Beat: Mid - tempo

The Song's Story

This client had a full album done over the past year using the poetry of his son Brian.  He unfortunately passed away unexpectedly in his late 20's due to a tragic accident.  After completing some songs for him an opportunity was presented to him to be part of an interview with us for The Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper.  It was about his son's story and what impact our company had on him and his family.  We're all very here happy that this man reached out to us.  He and his wife are incredibly strong people.  No parent should ever have to experience the pain that comes with the death of their child.  It's a very sad story, but these songs were therapeutic for him.  We're extremely honored that we were able to help with the healing process.


I love it.  It is very different.  Thank you and the composer. I'm so, so happy!!  You're one of a kind! I know you go way beyond the call of duty!!

-- Tim G.
Poolsville, MD


The beauty lies in the chance between the gates
The everlasting feeling in the wait
When the moment comes, it's somewhere in between
The dramatic dreams, and the paranoia that tests the seams
Immediate emotions don't flow as expected
And patience and pen find intersections
Testing the soul, for an ultimate convalescence

So strung I've been
Between the evil that strikes so deep
And the good I know I can be
Sometimes you wonder, if your love for another
Just merely fills immediate needs
To try and stop the hopelessness that bleeds

But I now find
The beauty is found
In the waiting
In the waiting

Between twisted perceptions of reality
Between the gates of heaven and hell
Between the endless cycles, I hope there dwells
Something meaningful, true love to be proud of
Something beyond the potion of infatuation

But I now find
The beauty is found
In the waiting
In the waiting

But I now find
The beauty is found
In the waiting
In the waiting