Our Services

Getting your custom song produced is easy and we’ve developed a set of packages and options for you to choose from. You can use our proven menu-driven process that enables you to provide a complete and detailed description of how you want your song to sound. Or, if it is easier for you, we are available throughout the process to give you a hand.

If you don’t see something that you want, or would like to get some clarification on an option, just ask here .

Acoustic Song - $279

By definition, an acoustic song will have music that is played without the use of electronic amplification equipment. The vocalist singing your song will be accompanied by your choice of an acoustic guitar or piano. With the Acoustic Option, you can choose from the Genre, Emotions, and Vocals menus to really provide a detailed description of your song.

Your song will be approximately 2.5 to 3 minutes long.

Full Instrumental Song - $379

The Full Instrumental Option gives you more flexibility and a deeper set of musical parameters from which to choose when telling us about your song.

The vocalist who sings your song will be accompanied by a variety of musical instruments that you can choose from. Remember, if you need assistance we are more than happy to help pick them for you.

With the Full Instrumental Option, you get to pick from the Genre, Emotions, Instrument (up to 6 instruments), Sound Affects, Beat and Vocal menus. This gives you ultimate control over your song and how it will sound.

Your song will be 2.5 - 4 minutes long (you wouldn’t really want a song longer than 4 minutes, but if you do we can work it out for you).

Additional Options

Song Coach - $79 per hour

Do you have words that you think are ok, but not quite good enough? Or maybe you don't have anything written at all? No worries, we have a Song Coach option where you can choose to work with one of our expert producers or composers who will help bring your song to life.

Song Coach involves professional song writers with years of experience writing songs for bands and studio musicians. And now YOU get to reap the benefits of their expertise on YOUR song! The sessions usually last about an hour, but you can choose more time if you need it. Our past clients will tell you the sessions are fun and educational.

The sessions starts with what you have written and builds them into lyrics and a beat that are ready to be composed by our team.

Sheet Music - $100

Once the song is complete, our composer can create the sheet music to match your song. This is can be a special gift that is very personal, suitable for framing and a great accompaniment to the song. It can also be used to perform your song live or to sing along with the instrumental version.

Instrumental Version - $99

In addition to your completed full song with our vocalist singing your words, we'll send you an instrumental version of your song with "music only”, no accompanying vocals. This is a great option if you want to sing the song yourself, or if you want someone to sing your song at an event or local music studio. If you chose this option, you’ll get two versions of your song, one with vocals and without. You can practice singing along with the vocal version, and then when you are ready, use the professionally produced instrumental version to either record the song singing it yourself, or have it sung at an event with your (or your chosen vocalist’s) voice. It's a huge money and time saver if you're looking to sing your own original song, with your own words!

Vocal Upgrade: Duet - $99

When two vocalists sing a song together, and each take turns singing different parts of the lyrics, it’s called a “duet”. Duets can be a powerful emotional change when you hear one voice start a song, then another picks up a part of the lyrics or chorus. This technique works especially well with romantic songs but can be applied to all emotions and genres! We have a vast array of professional male and female vocalists who can add that extra dimension to your song and make it even better.

Vocal Upgrade: Rapper - $149

There are a lot of names for a talented, lyrical, rapper. One is “MC”, another is “Rapper”. Rapping started in early blues music, from the “talking recordings” of early, legendary, African American blues artists. Later, in the early 1970’s young artists started rhyming words over a beat (MC), and to a DJ spinning records of music. A great example of a rap/rock hit was by Run-DMC and Aerosmith, when they re-recorded “Walk This Way”. We have extremely talented rap artists who work with us and can bring your words to life in a way you never thought possible.

Rush Service - $99

Are you under pressure to have the perfect gift delivered on time or need to have ready for an upcoming special event? Do you want your song super-fast? If you select rush delivery, we will have your song sample to you within 5 days (vs. 10 days normally) and the final song composed, produced, mastered and delivered to you within 3 days of your review of the sample. That is almost a week faster than our regular song production!

CD (5-PK) - $45

You will be mailed 5 CD’s of the final version of your song via USPS. Includes free shipping and handling within the United States.