Meet The Team

The Musical Genius - Our Founder

David Hawkins
Founder & Chief Creative Officer

David has been playing the piano and writing music since the age of 12. He is a firm believer that music is a universal language that is gripping, emotional and important. David spent many years traveling, writing music and bringing words to life for various poets and singers. Eventually, mostly because he thought it was expected of him, David received his degree and got himself an “adult” job. He quickly realized that cubicle life was not for him and found himself thinking about how he could make music a bigger part of his life.

David realized that there was no way for lyricists and poets to turn their words into a quality song affordably and saw an opportunity to help people do this. Literally waking from a dream at 4:00 a.m., David wrote out the plan and “Make Your Poem a Song” was born in 2007. David ran the business by himself for some time, until he met Richard Wilder and Chris Wentz. After meeting David, hearing about his business and his passion for it, the three formed a friendship and partnership that brought about Songmaker Productions. David and his broad team of composers are the creative force behind Songmaker Productions and he looks forward to creating beautiful music with you.

The Necessary But Less Exciting Staff

Richard Wilder

Richard Wilder

Richard is responsible for the vision, strategy, partnerships and overall service delivery of Songmaker Productions. Richard is an avid music lover that has spent a majority of his professional career as part of the leadership team of a Fortune 750 information management organization where a commitment to customer service and helping customers find the right solutions were part of the daily norm.

Throughout his career, Richard has taken every opportunity to travel the world to see his favorite bands and get the "full" music experience. Throughout his life, Richard has found it incredible that a moment in time or an emotion can be brought to life through a song and connect everyone that listens to it. He believes that the services of Songmaker Productions can help people in all stages of life and gets excited hearing the “story behind the song”.

Chris Wentz

Chris Wentz
Chief Customer Officer

Chris brings over 25 years of sales and customer service experience to Songmaker Productions. Chris has held a variety of positions in the branded communications industry, from front line sales positions to executive roles overseeing the marketing and customer service departments of the companies for which he worked. He is passionate about delivering the best experience for all Songmaker Production customers and ensuring that the thoughts and emotions of each songwriter are handled with the utmost respect, in order to deliver a “spot on” version of their song. He recognizes the importance of the song to the customer and recognizes the role that Songmaker Productions has been entrusted with.

Chris listens to all genres of music, rock and blues in particular and he enjoys when songwriters connect with singers and musicians to create a song that is memorable for everyone that hears it.

Chris Wentz

Leanne Carter
Creative Consultant

Leanne has spent her career helping people recognize their professional dreams as an executive of a large recruiting company and later at her own firm. Her curiosity and sincere interest in people’s experiences and future goals, combined with her ability to coach them to fulfill those goals has served her well in her role as Creative Consultant at Songmaker Productions.

The thrill of seeing Prince perform live at First Avenue in Minneapolis started Leanne’s love of music. Witnessing music’s ability to touch people, she sought out a way to become involved and joined the Songmaker Productions team after witnessing the profound impact their songs had on each of their clients. Leanne’s passion is contagious and she looks forward to helping customers capture and communicate their experiences through music.