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Do you want to give someone that extra special gift of a custom song? Perfect for a wedding, birthday or other occasion? Think about that person who has a way with words, or is really creative, but is not a musician. Now there is a way to have their song composed, and it is amazing. Or, would you rather receive one yourself? Either way we can make it easy.

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You can purchase a gift card for partial or full payment of a song package using our secure cart checkout here.

After the completion of the checkout process you will be immediately sent an email link to your activated gift card. You can even print the gift card and present it to the lucky recipient if you desire.

Here's what one customer had to say:

David, My son wrote me this before going off to boot camp. We wanted to send it in as a surprise, without him knowing we were doing it. He is someone that does not like to show emotion, but I could see he was trying to hold back when he heard the song, and realized the words were his. My daughter cried through the whole song. He really loves it. Thanks again, these songs have really been the best thing I came across as emotional gifts. I find this whole concept a very unique gift that lasts a lifetime, a memory that lasts forever.

-- Pat B. --
Orlando, FL
Author: From Your Soldier

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