Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add my words to a song that’s already famous or written by someone else?

No. This is copyright infringement. But we can compose a song for you in the same style of the song you like, and it will be original.

Can you help me pick the instruments?

Yes. We have questions and/or our Music Menus for you to choose from. This information helps us get your song as close as possible to your vision of how you want it to sound. But we will help you every step of the way if you need it. We’re here to make the best possible song for you. Our number one goal is for you to love your song!

"I was pleasantly surprised. What they provide is a quality finished product to someone who typically couldn't afford a studio session to try and produce their music, or put their words to music. I've already referred people."

-- Mike Rogers – National Director of Promotions for Curb Records – Nashville, TN --

How long does it take for the song to completed?

From the date you order - you’ll have a finished, high quality production of your song, with your words, performed and sung by one of our many composing teams - in two weeks! We email you a 45 second sample to critique 10 days after you order. You’ll have 48 hours to critique it. Let us know what you like/don’t like about it, and we’ll make the changes before we send you the completed song!

Can I put the song up for sale on social media?

Yes. We ask two things of you though. You must keep close tabs on your purchase dates so we can honor the three-way copyright split you agree to with your song order. And we ask you to list us as the production company with our website We encourage sales of your song.

I'm not a very good writer, can you help me with the words?

Yes. We have a service called Song Coach, where one of our experienced and talented producers will call you on the phone and work with you one on one. It’s $79 an hour. We can usually complete the song and make the words flow to a meter (beat) within one hour. Past clients will tell you the sessions are fun and informative!

What if I don't like the song when it's finished?

We’ve never had a person who wasn’t extremely happy with their song. The reason for this is because we send you a preview so you can provide your personal feedback before we send you the finished production. But if you’re not happy with it when it’s done, we can talk about it. There may be a charge to have the vocalist or composer come back to the studio. The 10-day sample is intended to keep situations like this from occurring and works well.

"My friend had a song produced for her boyfriend from Songmaker Productions and I was super impressed with the production and singing of the song!"

-- Lisa Kelly –One of the original “Celtic Woman” singers --

Why is the percentage split three ways?

And how did you come up with who gets what? We work with what’s called a “three-way copyright” split. It’s where three people split the created artistic piece, because three people have a direct impact on how the song turns out. It’s 40% composer, 40% to the lyricist (you), and 20% Songmaker Productions. The reason for that spit is based upon who is doing the most to make your words into a song. We share the copyright once the poem is made into a full song. Once it becomes a high quality, produced song, we believe in sharing the ownership rights.

Can I change the song if I don't like it?

Yes. You will receive a 10 day, 45 second preview clip (via email) of how your song sounds so far. Then you get to listen to it for 48 hours and email us with your feedback. At that time let us know how you like it or if you’d like us to make a change. Depending on that, we’ll move forward with the production, or change it to something you would like a little bit different.

If I need my song quicker, can you guys do that?

Yes. We provide a rush delivery service where you will receive the sample in 5 days, and the final production just 2 days later! That’s a full week faster than the normal process. The cost for rush delivery is $99.

Can I sing on the song myself?

Yes. We have an “instrumental add on” option for $99. We’ll email you two copies of the song. One with our vocalist singing your words, and one without vocals – just the music. They’ll both be very high-quality productions. You can practice with our vocalist, then once you feel comfortable, take the song to your local studio and ask them to record you over your instrumental track. You’ll have your very own backup band, for a song you wrote the words too, and will now be singing!

Can I give the song as a gift?

Yes. This option is a unique gift to that special singer, poet, or music lover in your life! We have an idea for you with this… shhh… it’s a secret! Take their words without them knowing and send them to us. We’ll compose it in the genre of music they love! They won’t believe what you did for them when you present them their song. You will remember the look on their face forever, and there’s usually some tears. It’s truly a unique gift they’ll never expect and will always remember!

“I was lucky enough to have worked with They did an amazing job. We’ve been looking for a long time for a song that matched the values of our organization. They came along side of me, trying to discern what kind of music we were looking for. When we heard our song ‘Live Inspired” … it overwhelmed us, because it was even better than we could have imagined! I can think of no one better to partner with you. Check them out! You will love them, their work, and you will love your song!

-- John O”Leary – #1 National Best Seller of the book “On Fire” & International Speaker --

Can I sing or hum a melody of how I want my song to sound from a recording device?

Yes. If you have a means to records audio (cell phone or other device), you can hum it or sing it (no matter how badly) and we’ll be able to compose the music from that melody line (with our talented singer). Then simply email the audio file to You’ll be surprised how well it comes out when we do them this way! We can get very close to how you envision your song to sound this way!

Do you compose music and sing in a different language?

Yes. Currently we compose in English, Hindi, German, and Spanish.

Can you mail me cd's of my song when it's done?

Yes. We have a five-cd package available for delivery within the U.S. for $45 with free shipping. For outside of the U.S. we’ll have to charge shipping.

Can I have a band play the song live?

Yes. Once you order your song, you own 40% of it. You can also purchase sheet music ($99) to give to a band to play live. We do not require you to notify us if you plan on having a band play the song/s live, unless you’ll be taking the band on tour and charging money. Then the three-way copyright split would be activated.