About Us

Our History

This company started with a dream... literally. Back in 2007, a few of our musician friends got together and discussed a dream one of us had about composing music for non-musical people in a detailed, honest, less expensive, and compelling way. There wasn't really anywhere you could go to have a high quality song written and produced from your own words unless you wanted to spend thousands of dollars for costly studio work, use some cheap sounding computer generated tones from an app, or a site that had the same people writing and singing all the songs that tended to sound the same. What we launched in 2007 was unique, truly custom and reasonably priced.

At Songmaker Productions we are passionate about music and want to create something artful and beautiful, honest and powerful; a customized songmaking service capable of memorializing the emotion or event you would like to capture in song. So, check out the music menu process, listen to the samples, read the testimonials and contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to the opportunity to help you create the soundtrack of your life.

Why Us? We understand that writing a song is a very personal undertaking and we strive to capture that emotion in every song that we do. What makes Songmaker Productions different?

  • Your song will be one of a kind - Our expansive base of composers ensures that no two songs will sound the same
  • Menu driven process – Our patent pending music menus help you to easily select the options to customize the song to your requirements
  • Fair treatment to all involved - Unlike other services, who retain all the legal and financial rights to your song, we believe that any potential rewards are shared (not just our company)

Our Beliefs: Our service is based upon a core set of operating principles that are demonstrated in every facet of our business.

  • Quality – we take great pride in our work and believe you will be proud of the song we compose for you
  • Respect – we recognize the uniqueness of what you are trying to create and strive to capture it in each song
  • Unique – we understand this is YOUR song and will deliver to you a unique, custom song catered to you
  • Service – we can be hands on or hands off, providing as much assistance as you need to get your song to final stage – if you need something, just ask